Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baptism in the Creek

This is just an amazing picture of my great-grandfather Rev. James Brown baptizing in Beaver Creek in West Virginia. The picture was folded so there's a crack down the middle but  I kind of like the effect. You can see my great-grandfather with his head of white hair and his long beard and dressed in a suit (!) out in the middle of the water with a believer.

I have no idea of the year here but I'm betting it's in the late 1800s because of the way the women are dressed in long dresses and big fancy hats. What a contrast with the barren hills and the humble house in the back. A lot of my relatives (including my grandmother) are probably in this picture but I don't recognize anyone.

Faith has always been in my family and I'm grateful for that because it''s seen me through some tough times.

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  1. Dear Cuz,
    I have this picture of Great-grandpa Brown hanging in my living room - really. I love it! Somewhere I have seen a copy that has a list of names on the back. I thought it was at your Dad's house, just before he moved to KY.